The Silverpine Approach

If you have ever hired an attorney in the past, you have very likely experienced some of the things that give the legal profession its reputation for poor customer service. Silverpine Law is different. Rather than pay for advertising, this firm invests in client relationships. A new client is not an opportunity to lead a wild goose chase of hourly billing activities that maximize our short-term profit. Rather, a new client relationship is an opportunity to leave a lasting positive impression that will bring exponential growth to our firm in the future when the client refers a few of their friends and associates. To make this approach work, Silverpine Law does three simple things that are surprisingly rare in the legal world.

1. We are accessible and communicative.

Have you ever hired a lawyer and then found that every time you try to call their office, they seem to be “on another line” or “away from their desk?” That does not happen at Silverpine Law. We do not hide from our clients. You will have your attorney’s cell number to call or text at any time – including weekends. We provide frequent updates on your case, and at a bare minimum will email you once per week to let you know what is happening. You will not be left in the dark.

2. We send clear, transparent invoices.

When other firms send invoices to their clients, they frequently use fancy legal language that clients cannot understand. Sometimes this is intentional, to facilitate overbilling. Clients commonly receive invoices that feel like an incomprehensible code message with a dollar amount at the bottom. Not at Silverpine Law. Our invoices show exactly how much time we spent on each task and contain explanations in plain English describing what we accomplished during that time.

3. We prioritize each client’s goals.

The legal profession is full of smart attorneys who craft brilliantly complex litigation strategies but lose sight of their clients’ goals. Lawyers, most of whom enjoy theoretical complexity, often fail to properly connect with the practical, pragmatic businesspeople who hire them. To avoid this common problem, Silverpine Law quickly identifies and continually clarifies each client’s unique set of priorities. Some clients want to fight hard for their principles, while other clients are focused strictly on dollars and cents. Some clients want deep and sophisticated advice that accounts for all the nuances of legal research, while other clients just want the basics so they can make a quick decision. Although we have the skills for brass-knuckles commercial litigation and courtroom trials, we recognize that some clients are better served by a well-researched settlement negotiation. One size does not fit all.

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