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In the legal field, reputation is everything. Although it is technically a violation of professional ethics codes, some law firms generate positive reviews by offering incentives like refunds and discounts to clients. Some firms hire reputation-management companies to suppress disgruntled client commentary online. Silverpine Law has no need to resort to such tactics. The below testimonials are real stories from real people who were happy with our work and chose to take a little time out of their day to express their satisfaction.

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My experience with Silverpine Law was nothing short of professional, knowledgable, and kind. My interaction with them left me feeling heard, supported, and empowered. I am very thankful for this experience!
Very timely responses. Very professional and knowledgeable. Always keeps you informed
I consulted with Hayden about a work contract. This was the best experience with an attorney I've ever had! He was thoughtful, knowledgeable, warm, and responsive. When our call was interrupted from my side, he was completely understanding and patient. He was extremely timely in responses to me. I was very impressed with how thorough he was. After our call, he sent me an email detailing his recommendations. What I appreciated most was the respect, kindness, and ease in communication – he seemed to really listen and understand me, and was clear in his responses. The amount of information and help I received well exceeded the cost. I cannot recommend him enough!
I found Hayden's name through the Virginia State Bar referral portal. He was 1,000% worth the initial consultation! I needed help navigating a non-compete clause in an employment contract. Hayden helped clarify how the terms were wildly restrictive and what potential scenarios I could plan for. He helped me sort out the non-compete and *bonus* gave me frank, simple advice on how to handle leaving the position if my employer became hostile. Approachable, available, candid, and easy to speak with. He's the only person I'll work with for business/contract law moving forward.
Mr. Howlett was professional, friendly, and helpful through and through. He helped me with, what was for me, a very confusing copyright issue for my small business and I couldn't have been happier with his service. He was so knowledgeable. I would work with him again in a heartbeat.
I am so grateful for Haydens guidance in my case. I have been dealing with false allegations and a whirlwind of issues, feeling like a sitting duck as no other lawyer would take the time to review it. Hayden was incredibly warm, gentle and patient as I told my story and concerns, offering advice and multiple avenues I could take going forward. He explained the legal jargon, best and worst case scenarios very well. I feel much more assured and prepared with next steps. I will absolutely return for service in the future and highly reccomend! Thank you Hayden!
It was great working with Mr. Howlett. He took the time to discuss what I needed for my business and was very responsive.
I was recommended to Hayden J. Howlett for assistance with a copyright issue. From the outset, I had numerous questions, and he displayed patience and expertise in addressing them. He provided valuable insights into my situation and offered guidance on future steps. I highly endorse his services to others. He was exceptionally responsive, both through email and phone communication. I am satisfied with Attorney Howlett's services and am appreciative of his amiable nature.
Extremely competent attorney
I asked for advice on employee an agreement. Attorney Howlett was incredibly professional, knowledgeable, and helpful!
I am beyond satisfied with having picked Silverpine Law. Through the endless results on google, you can only hope to find an attorney who is going to take your case seriously and do all they can for you.I worked with Hayden Howlett. Even though we never met in person, he handled my case as if he had known me for years. From the moment I made contact with him I felt very assured that I was the hands of a professional.Hayden responded to all of my emails promptly. Even during the holiday season, while he was out of work and traveling, he would respond to my emails ASAP. I came to him with a personal case and he answered all my question with great clarity. He broke things down in a very clear way that left me with absolutely zero questions after our initial consultation. Overall, communication was so smooth with him, it was almost as if I were seeing him in person.If you are looking for an attorney, you will be lucky to work with Hayden Howlett. He is an outstanding professional.
Hayden Howlett did a wonderful job in handling our business-related legal issue. He was very professional and made himself available when we needed his advice and assistance. Hayden was a pleasure to do business with. We highly recommend him for legal assistance.
I had the opportunity to speak with Attorney Haden Howlett as a result of Lawyer Referral services. He picked up pretty quickly, and we were able to schedule a phone appointment for the next day.In speaking with him, he was very knowledgeable with my subject matter and affirmed my research and efforts. He also provided me with the additional information I needed to further protect my personal interest.Hayden was easy to talk to, and made me feel comfortable sharing and communicating. And before I knew it, our time was up. Easy conversation. I hope to reach out to him again in the future. It was definitely well worth it.R. Cottman
I spoke with Hayden about a legal matter for my business, provided me with valuable advice
I found Mr.Howlett through the DC BAR's lawyer referral service. It was a great pleasure speaking with him. He was kind, empathetic, patient, and gave me very detailed information in regards to my case. Mr.Howlett is extremely knowledgeable on his areas of expertise, and was easy to talk to. I sincerely thank him again for his time. I highly recommend Mr.Howlett if you need legal counsel.
I have emailed and spoken with Hayden over the past two days. He promptly replied to my emails and provide me with time slots for a call. His guidance was very helpful and should we need help in the future, we will not hesitate to reach out to him for legal advice.
In a brief but immensely helpful consultation, Mr. Howlett reviewed some concerning terms in a contract that I needed advice on. He explained clearly the risks and implications of those terms, and helped me to make an informed decision under a deadline. I'm grateful for Mr. Howlett's help, I appreciated his professionalism and patience, and I would gladly use his services in the future.
Spectacular customer service! When I couldn’t find any help for days Hayden J. Howlett helped me so much. Excellent company to work with for legal help
Hayden was a huge help to us with our legal questions. He was honest in his assessment of our likelihood of success in pursuing the case, instead of having a salesman approach. We are super grateful to have had his support and direction in that process!
I was seeking advice about how my small business should handle a potential lawsuit against a larger company, and appreciated Mr. Howlett’s wise advice and thorough approach. Thank you. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking advice on how to navigate through business related matters, which can be complex and overwhelming.
I only spoke with Mr. Howlett for a consultation and I’m glad I did! He is very knowledgeable and approachable. And went above and beyond our initial 30 minute consultation after reading my initial email. He followed up as promised with an email sent with attachments/resources after our 45 minute call. He then went looking for additional lawyers for me, finding examples of court documents similar to my case. Mr. Howlett did over 90 minutes of work. I highly recommend him!
Hayden was professional and very timely. He answered all of my questions and helped me create exactly what I needed for my private practice. His prices were affordable and fair. I will definitely be using his services in the future and referring colleagues.
I write with sincere praise for Hayden J. Howlett, Esq. I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Hayden when he helped me resolve an important matter. His legal services were so outstanding that I am compelled to write this post. Hayden first drafted a detailed settlement demand letter, and then helped me negotiate a resolution to a business dispute without needing to go to court. I was also impressed by how he was so helpful, attentive, and efficient in all of his services. He paid attention to my needs and knew the right questions to ask in order to get the details needed to help me resolve my situation. Additionally, he was extremely responsive to my questions and demonstrated urgency in attending to the matter. He presented me with my various options in an easy-to-understand manner and helped me to feel well-informed instead of having to blindly trust the process. I am grateful for his help as I was able to get the outcome needed in the situation. I highly recommend Hayden!
Great service, Hayden was communicative and efficient throughout our dealings
I recently hired Hayden to help with a business partnership dispute and I couldn't be more pleased with the experience. He wrote an airtight contract and answered all of my questions (no matter how small) thoroughly and respectfully. From the start, Hayden was prompt in his responses and contract edits, which was incredibly reassuring during a stressful time. Throughout the process, he was detail-focused and made sure I understood every aspect of my situation, explaining everything without confusing legal jargon. This transparency was especially appreciated when it came to pricing - Hayden was clear and upfront about his fees. Overall, I was extremely confident in his abilities and expertise, and he was able to achieve a favorable outcome for me in the business partnership dispute. I highly recommend Hayden to anyone in need of legal representation, and I will definitely turn to him should I need additional legal assistance.
Hayden was wonderful in helping me to understand the terms of an employment contract and feel comfortable negotiating my contract. He got back to me quickly about his availability and was very clear about his (incredibly reasonable) rate and timeline for reviewing the contract. His review of the contract was very thorough. He emailed me proposed edits to the contract and then set up a time to explain further by phone. Hayden took the time by phone to make sure I fully understood any points of concern and answered my questions thoroughly. He made a point of listening to my questions, responding directly, and following up to make sure he had clearly answered my questions. He also made a point of emphasizing that negotiating my contract was reasonable and explaining the rationale for suggested edits. Hayden is easy to talk to and it is clear that he cares about being thorough, providing quality counsel, and ensuring that his clients have a clear understanding of contract issues. I highly recommend Hayden if you are in need of a lawyer who will thoroughly review your contract, clearly explain the "legalese", and be easy to work with throughout the whole process!