The Silverpine Pricing Model

Silverpine Law offers quality representation at reasonable rates with flexible payment options. 

Quality Representation

When you choose a law firm to represent you in a business-related dispute, quality is even more important than price. You may be able to find lower prices offered by a lawyer whose work typically focuses on issues that do not really qualify as true business litigation. A lawyer who primarily practices some other kind of law may think they are competent to handle your case, but they will undoubtedly spend many expensive hours learning things Silverpine Law already knows. If they make a mistake, the consequences for you and your business could be catastrophic. Many people mistakenly believe that all lawyers have basically the same training and skills, but that is not true for high-level lawyers in modern practice. If you needed neurosurgery, you would not want to hire a general family doctor. Although the legal profession does not have formal recognized “specialties” like the medical profession, the same kind of thinking must apply when hiring a lawyer. For our part, if Silverpine Law feels that your case does not fit comfortably into our areas of competence, we will happily help you find different counsel.

Reasonable Rates

The rates charged by law firms vary widely, influenced by several factors. Overhead expenses are among the largest drivers of price in the legal industry. Some overhead expenses are truly necessary, and the firms that skip them do so at their clients’ peril. For example, a good firm must maintain high-quality staff, efficiency-multiplying software programs, insurance, and digital-security measures to protect client data. However, many overhead expenses common at other law firms are wholly unnecessary, driving up the prices paid by clients. Unnecessary overhead expenses include things like advertising, lavish office parties, lazy outsourcing, and bloated staffing. By investing heavily in what is truly important — and cutting the rest — Silverpine Law is able to keep its prices affordable for clients while still maintaining a per-capita profit that matches or exceeds the profits enjoyed by more traditional firms. Although our rates are reasonable, we are not a “cheap” firm. We operate a sophisticated state and federal commercial litigation practice in Washington DC, the city that draws the nation’s most elite lawyers. 

Flexible Options

Silverpine Law uses a variety of pricing arrangements so we can align our interests with our client’s goals. Most cases are best handled at an hourly rate, billed in six-minute increments with detailed descriptions so you can see exactly what we accomplished and how long we spent working on each task. For small projects like drafting contracts or letters, a flat one-time fee is usually best. On an initial free consultation call, we can discuss the options and find a plan with which we can both feel comfortable.

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