Luis Chiarelli

Mr. Chiarelli is currently in his final months of law school at Temple University’s Beasley School of Law, focusing his studies on commercial litigation, international transactional law, and regulatory frameworks. Beyond the classroom, Luis enriches his legal education through active participation in moot court competitions, dedicated pro bono work, and contributions to Temple’s legal publications. He is also a teaching assistant for the law school’s Integrated Transactional Program.
At Silverpine Law, Mr. Chiarelli conducts deep legal research on complex commercial issues, aids in the drafting of briefs filed in courts around the country, analyzes key discovery documents, and provides support during courtroom hearings.
Prior to joining Silverpine Law, he immersed himself in real-world legal work at the Montgomery County District Attorney’s office, The Beasley Firm in Philadelphia, and the New Jersey Attorney General’s office. Through these roles, he has gained a practical understanding of litigation that sets him apart from typical law students. He has significant experience with detailed legal research, drafting motions, and handling pre-trial discovery matters.
Prior to entering law school, Mr. Chiarelli served as Sales Director for Latin America at KAAST AG/USA, a German capital equipment manufacturer. In this capacity, he developed a deep understanding of cross-border commercial intricacies. He is fluent in Portuguese, French, and Spanish. He holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration and will graduate from law school in May 2024.

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